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About Hallmark

The Tweedie family and team at Hallmark are excited for the fourth annual Hallmark Angus 2-year bull sale at Stortford Lodge on the 13th of June.

The stud was started with half of the Cricklewood herd. This is an historic east coast stud with over 80 years of breeding. A strong emphasis on quality cattle with hill country fundamentals has always been the objective. In 2017 the complementary Heather Dell herd at Rotorua was purchased, to take Hallmark to a total of 170 calving females and to provide yearling bull options.

We are excited at the challenge of bringing these two strong herds together under the Hallmark brand and to now have the necessary scale to get stuck into the breeding. The objectives of the stud are to produce strong, low fuss, correct, fleshy cattle with a heap of type and performance – all the way from getting them in-calf to hanging cattle up in premium programmes.


4th annual Sale featuring sons of:


Hoss (Goldwyn H817) – Tutiras’ cowboy

Full Beam (A&B Spotlite 3065) – to light up your cows

Powerhouse (Kaharau 10-486) - the station breeder

The beef industry is evolving and we are doing our best to tackle and take advantage of this. Disciplined recording using electronic data capture and genomic technologies that guarantee pedigree and enhance EBVs. As well as ruthlessly culling for anything we can, cows that are challenged, annual A.I and embryo transfer programmes and of course constantly improving the type and performance of the herd for the traits in our breeding objective.

Good coffee and Roses homemade pies will be sure to please at the sale at Stortford Lodge. Private sales available from June 14th. Or if you’re just keen to scope the lads out- head along to our 'Bulls + Beers' open arvo May 17th on farm at Tutira.


Max Tweedie & family

133 Heays access road, Tutira